Saturday, April 19, 2008

Post-March Trip & Planning Madness

(Kari) I've been home from my last "vacation" to Salem for about 5 weeks. I'm missing Steve, but I've had fun browsing over the pictures I was finally able to upload from my camera. I forgot my camera case and the computer cable in Steve's car after he drove Kirstin and I to the airport. Oops! :) Yay! I'll try to get some pics on here soon.

Lately I've been working more days than usual. The school (where I work) has recently built an addition for the Student Services divisions (Registration, Counseling, Admissions, Financial Aid, Cashiers, Student Life) across campus. We're only moving about one block away, but there is so much to move! So, we've been planning and have begun the packing process. I spent about 5.5 hours merging old and new files and packing them in boxes in alphabetical order. Ahh! I think I need to go to the chiropractor now so I can stand up straight. :P I've learned I have a horrible tendency to slouch when I become very focused on a task - like typing this post, for example. ;)Not cool...

Other than work, I've been trying to keep my head in the wedding planning game, but it's proving pretty difficult. All I've really been doing is saying "yes" or "no" or trying to come up with something that I think would be awesome. However, my brain really is turning out to be a fried egg - mostly runny. I'm sure you all know how it feels to have been laboring over a long train of thought only to have it derail a few miles from station. So, I'm really thankful for mom's graciousness in planning our wedding with our help. :)

I only have about three weeks left of school in this semester, but it feels like three years. I keep telling myself, "Only 30-some days until the wedding! Almost there! Just keep moving!!" So far it has kept me from reaching a complete and total brain freeze. ;)

Oh! One more thing! I'm so inexplicably thankful for my family and friends. I can't wait for Naomi's wedding and I'm so excited to see Phil & Patty before that. I miss them so much and it will be good to be able to hug them and just hang out.

Ok, time to get ready for bed because there's church in the morning! Happy Sunday!

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Patty said...

hey kar!
we are super excited to see you too! praying for you lots with all the craziness of finishing school, wedding planning, moving,etc! love you!