Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just keep trusting... trusting... trusting...

It's been a rough month for Steve and I. September is the anniversary of my sister's death along with her birthday, and we received news today that Steve's uncle, Tim Williams, passed away after a long struggle with a brain tumor that was only recently discovered. He had an operation a few weeks ago, went into a coma, came out of a coma, then passed away. None of us expected it. If anything, we thought he was doing better. In light of these events, we need a lot of prayer, yet we have a lot to praise the Lord for. One of our friends was married last night!. It was a beautiful wedding, and we enjoyed being reminded of how happy and excited we were that day and especially now to be married to each other! It's so awesome! Going through these trials, we gain a deeper sense of God's wisdom when he created marriage, how he created us to be comforters and encouragers of one another. I'm reminded of this song:

I Just Keep Trusting My Lord

I just keep trusting my Lord as I walk a long
I just keep trusting my Lord and He gives a song
Though the storm clouds darken the sky o'er the heav'nly trail
I just keep trusting my Lord, He will never fail
He's a faithful friend, such a faithful friend
I can count on Him to the very end
Though the storm clouds darken the sky o'er the heav'nly trail
I just keep trusting my Lord, He will never fail

I just keep trusting my Lord on the narrow way
I just keep trusting my Lord as He leads each day
Though the road is weary at times and I'm sad and blue
I just keep trusting my Lord, He will see me through
He's a faithful guide, such a faithful guide
He is always there walking by my side
Though the road is weary at times and I'm sad and blue
I just keep trusting my Lord, He will see me through

Written by John W. Peterson

We went on a hike the other day to the North Falls of Silver Creek State Park. I didn't take this picture, but I borrowed it to share with you what a gorgeous area we live in! Please come visit! We would love to have you, and be your free tour guides!

We also bought tickets to fly to Wisconsin (back home for me) for Christmas!! I feel as if December is just around the corner, anxiously checking off each day on the calendar! Who cares about Santa? I'm psyched to see my family! I now understand why Steve is so excited for snow. I can't wait to go sledding. The winter rains haven't even started, and I'm ready for snow. Most likely because I don't have to live in it for months. :) I'm enjoying the autumn weather that has fallen on the valley. The leaves are already changing, the wind is cold and crisp, and I feel like I can smell pumpkin pie and apple cider every morning! Yay! I love fall!

I'll attempt to post some of my favorite holiday season recipes in the next couple of posts.

Love you all!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nervous Yet Excited

Tomorrow I'm going to this, and I hope Steve is coming with me for some morale support!

Oregon state government is proud to present its first annual career fair to be held in September. The event will take place on Saturday, September 13, 2008 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the lawn of the Capitol Mall in Salem, Oregon.


The purpose of this event is to invite job seekers to consider what employment opportunities state agencies have to offer, and to encourage existing state workers to explore new job possibilities within state government. Agency representatives will describe to jobseekers the advantages of working in state government, and the satisfaction of following a career in public service.

With a third of state workers eligible to retire within the next five years, Oregon state government needs new people to step into the jobs retirees will leave behind. This exciting career fair will enable Oregonians to meet state recruiters face-to-face, and find out about the great opportunities that await them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guest Room

Steve is on board with decorating the guest room/office!! Yay! So, my idea for the room is to go with a 1920's era of African safari/English occupation. The image below is a tiny picture of my the big dreams in my head... It's a "tent" in Kenya, Maasai Mara - Cottar's 1920's Luxury Safari Camp.

I love the muslin canopy and the dark woods. I'm still getting used to the animal prints. Any ideas for furniture or just little touches? I want to have some wooden savannah and jungle animals and possibly a vintage typewriter. :)

Textiles and fabrics to use: muslin, cotton, raffia, mudcloth, brocade, batik, bamboo, rattan,
Resources of Africa: cocoa, coffee, corn, cotton, diamonds, fish, gold, paper products, platinum, rubber, sugarcane, tea, wheat, zinc....

Right now Africa imports mechanical/industrial things to build its infrastructure. There is a large informal market (usually considered Black Market) that isn't factored into the GDP. Africa is such a beautiful place! I pray we can all help its people learn about God and improve their quality of life. Thank you, Lord, for letting me live in such blessed country as America.

Great Kitchen!!

Today I was browsing a new blog I heard about on

I found this picture of this absolutely adorable little kitchen I love! It is functional, yet calming and cute! Everything is in arm's reach! Well, I may need to grab Steve for the stuff on the top shelves. :) Check it out >>

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our New Entrepreneurial Spirit

I had a bit of an attitude in the last post, if you didn't notice. I'm feeling a lot better now. Steve and I have started an online bookstore - sort of. We're still building up our inventory and finances are a little mixed with our personal finances, but we've been making a nice number of sales in our first week. It has kept me very busy, running over to the parents to print packing slips (we don't own a printer), packing the books and taping on addresses, etc. while Jack, their dog, licks my feet, pants, or whatever else he can get his tongue on. He's very attention hungry with no cause to be so. Then I rush to the post office around 4:30pm to get there before it closes, carrying more than I can handle sometimes. Then I rush back home to check our orders to see if we sold anything else that can go out the next day!

Right now, I'm wondering how this is all going to work once I have a day job. I'll try to post some more updates as to what has been happening around here lately and what will be happening in the upcoming months! At this time, I'm rushing to get out the door on my first solo venture to the bank. This, hopefully, will not be interesting. :) Hope you're having a great day! Leave us a comment or two if you have time!