Sunday, December 16, 2007

Running on fumes...

All of this insane rush for the holidays has got me winded. So far I've shopped at Gander Mt., The Dollar Tree, and Bath & Body Works. I loved the deals at Bath & Body Works. You really can't beat their prices around the holidays. These are the two things I bought for myself. Yay!

I absolutely love them! I will be jean shopping with Steve when he finally gets here. He better hurry up because the pants I have now are pretty loose. :) Happy Christmas shopping!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas is coming...

Today mom and I went shopping. It was fun, but I have basically no attention span when it comes to shopping. So, while mom would be content to roam around for three hours at each store, I'm done shopping in about 1 hour for all stores total.

Steve is feeling much better today and actually did some Christmas shopping of his own. :) I can't wait to see him! These absences may make the heart grow fonder, but they also make it unbearably lonesome. Along with longing to see him, I am so excited and eager for our wedding. I can't wait to marry him and share a home together. It will be nice to have someone to cook for and eat supper with. And more truly in the spirit of Etta James, I'll be singing these words, "At last, my love has come along.... My lonely days are over.... And life is like a song"

Have a wonderful evening!
All my love,

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sick of Work

Well, it has been a rough two weeks so far. I am almost fully recovered from 5 days of the worst sickness of my life, which prevented me from going to work for a few days. I'm finally beginning to feel more energetic and productive again. The down side is that Steve is now at home sick and sleeping/watching movies/wishing he were better. Poor man... :( Yet lots of prayer and liquids will see us happy and healthy at Christmas time. Thank you, Lord! I hope you're all healthy or at least fighting off any colds or germs successfully. Zicam - it tastes nasty - but it works pretty well. However, nothing beats rest, lots of liquids, and some hot chicken noodle soup. Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Steve the Builder

Little boys believe Bob the Builder is the coolest guy with a toolbelt. I disagree. I know a man who looks maybe a tiny bit like Bob, only a lot more handsome, funny, and intelligent. Steve builds computers, constructs ideas, and repairs holes in programs and lots of other stuff.

He started working for the state of Oregon in high school when he was about 16 years old as an intern. Later and throughout college he worked there part-time. Upon *finishing college with a bachelor's in computer science and a math minor, he was offered a full-time job. Not long after (if I remember correctly) he was promoted, put as lead on a big project, and has been working on various little projects. Most recently I learned that my amazing fiance is not only a pretty hot computer tech, but he'll be a teacher too. How cool is that? He brought up the idea of teaching a refresher/continuing ed. computer class to people in other departments. His supervisors and bosses loved it. I'm soo excited and so very, very proud of him. He has such awesome creativity and a wonderful imagination, and he's really good at solving problems so he's perfect for his job. It's so fun and joyful to watch the Lord grow and bless him. I can't wait to marry him!! :)
Good job, honey! You're awesome.

Christmas Countdown

Only eight days until Steve comes to Wisconsin for a white Christmas! Yay! We still haven't gotten any of our packing for the trips or our present shopping done. Yikes! Steve will be here from December 20 (flies in at 3am - ouch) until December 26th. We will both be flying to Portland on December 26th. I can't believe it's the first time I'll fly with someone I know! Yesterday I made the mistake of saying, "I can't believe it's the first time I'll fly with someone!" Dad and Patty then asked, "Do you have a jetplane of your own?" That was pretty funny.

Other stuff:
So, Steve and I will be (hopefully) flying back after the wedding even though I was getting my heart set on driving. I love to travel and I've never been through the Dakotas or Wyoming or any of those northern states. Sad. :( We'll be shelling out so much money for the wedding and honeymoon that flying really might be the more economical way to go. However, buying a one-way ticket for myself is harder on the heart since I know it will be difficult for me to leave my family (mainly my parents).

Well, that's it for now. I need to get ready for schoool

Love you all!