Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Steve the Builder

Little boys believe Bob the Builder is the coolest guy with a toolbelt. I disagree. I know a man who looks maybe a tiny bit like Bob, only a lot more handsome, funny, and intelligent. Steve builds computers, constructs ideas, and repairs holes in programs and lots of other stuff.

He started working for the state of Oregon in high school when he was about 16 years old as an intern. Later and throughout college he worked there part-time. Upon *finishing college with a bachelor's in computer science and a math minor, he was offered a full-time job. Not long after (if I remember correctly) he was promoted, put as lead on a big project, and has been working on various little projects. Most recently I learned that my amazing fiance is not only a pretty hot computer tech, but he'll be a teacher too. How cool is that? He brought up the idea of teaching a refresher/continuing ed. computer class to people in other departments. His supervisors and bosses loved it. I'm soo excited and so very, very proud of him. He has such awesome creativity and a wonderful imagination, and he's really good at solving problems so he's perfect for his job. It's so fun and joyful to watch the Lord grow and bless him. I can't wait to marry him!! :)
Good job, honey! You're awesome.

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