Monday, October 6, 2008


Are you sick of the political ads on T.V. yet? I'm getting there! However, I did watch the tail end of David Cameron's speech on C-Span. He is the leader of the British Conservative Party and he gave an address at the Annual Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, England.

If you would like, you can watch the entire speech on C-Span.

He is a very quotable speaker and quite effortlessly funny, in my opinion. I like him and what he has to say, once I stop laughing.

Here is a shorter clip of him speaking on the economy, from his own web blog:

At one point in the video, he comments on America's response to the economic crisis, and this is my summary:
After watching the American politicians fight each other and fail to make any progress, we must not do that. We will say exactly what they did, but we will make every effort to pass whatever legislation they send our way the first time, strategic or stupid.
"Some bankers have been greedy and stupid." - David Cameron

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