Thursday, June 4, 2009


Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis & John Eldredge. That's my new read. I'm loving it, even though I've only gotten through chapter two. The story it tells explains so much of my teenage years and college experiences, good and bad. It tells of how our hearts crave that elusive Romance, which so often we recall as childhood wonder. We seek a purpose for our lives. Adventure and intimacy for our souls.

I was reading chapter two home alone in the midst of a severe thunderstorm while Steve was at work. I love t-storms and I felt absolutely "at home" in the midst of it, though some of the hairs on the back of my neck were a little raised at the mention of a tornado warning, but only because Steve wasn't here with me. I rested in the fact that he was probably in the safest building in the city, apart from the Capitol itself. I was amazed at how many people were panicked by this "small" storm and how busy the phones were. I grew up with storms like these happening every spring, fairly often. The residents of the Willamette Valley stood outside with their umbrellas beckoning the lightning amidst the pouring down rain. Some ran for cover. Some drove recklessly, only caring for their own safety and comfort, possibly fearing the distance between them and their loved ones. Part of me can't blame them.

Once the winds died down a little, I opened the sliding door and the kitchen window to listen to the rain and the thunder, and to see the gorgeous light show. I miss storm-watching a lot. After the storm passed, I opened my front door. Every apartment in our courtyard had the shades pulled back and some even had the windows half open. It made me think about how many of the people who live next to and near us every day fear the world and even fear God, but desperately want to experience the comfort of His peace and the freshness of His grace, but they don't yet know that is what their hearts are thirsting for. In their lives, they are in the midst of the storm without the knowledge of God's provision. He still protects and cares for them in every moment of their lives, but they don't know that or don't feel they can trust Him. There are people here who are seeking! The fields are ripe for harvest!

When the electricity goes out, it really shows the essence of Christ's message that we, as Christians, are the "lights of the world". Steve and I have been building a relationship with our neighbor, and she called me from the bus stop needing a ride because all of the taxis were busy. It just blows me away to see how God orchestrates all of this! I was originally planning to be across town in a bible study with a friend when God's storm literally redirected my path so I could have the opportunity to serve my neighbor and to commune with Him!! Wow!

"In the outer life we live from ought (I ought to do this) rather than desire (I want to do this) and management substitutes for mystery.

There is a spiritual dimension to this [outer life] in our desire to do good, but communion with God is replaced by activity for God. There is little time in this outer world for deep questions."

The Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of God
Written by Brent Curtis & John Eldredge

I believe natural disasters serve as a leveling agent for all mankind to bring out our "inner lives", our true hearts. We reach past language barriers and cultural boundaries without thought for ourselves. Color and belief suddenly don't matter when the need arises for us to truly live. I believe this is how Christ lived and expects us to live as His followers; from the heart.

How do we learn to capture that fleeting wonder and passionate courage for our every day lives?

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