Saturday, November 21, 2009

25 Things To Do Before Turning 26

I hesitated to post this publicly, but I decided it's one way to make me stick to my commitments! I'm tired of wasting time, and I only get to be 25 years old once. I want to get the most out of my time. So, here goes:
  1. Lose 50 lbs! (exercise, eat right, positive thinking)

  2. Eat at least one salad per day - I don't like salad. :P

  3. Shoot, Print, Matte, and Frame one of my own photos.

  4. Spend a healthy weekend at Crater Lake. I was sick when we went to Bend...

  5. Visit Mt. Hood and make a snowball.

  6. Hike 8 miles at Opal Creek.

  7. Say “NO” without regret.

  8. Kiss my niece and make her smile. Praise and hug my nephew for being an amazing kid!

  9. Spend a girls' afternoon with Jules.

  10. Get a job, even part-time or temporary.

  11. Finish my H.R. Degree courses.

  12. Have at least 10 girls' nights out with Kari S.

  13. Regain my self-confidence. (take medicines, exercise, eat right, be the "real" me)

  14. Memorize 10 amazing songs on piano.

  15. Attend a concert.

  16. Sew decorative pillows for my bed. I have everything, I just never finish projects!

  17. Designate a weekly date night with Steve & stick to it.

  18. Pray about and find a place to serve at church.

  19. Seek God - - daily time in the Word & prayer.

  20. Ask for help without feeling guilty.

  21. Only cook full dinners twice a week – small suppers other nights.

  22. Create a budget & be financially accountable - - dedicate to eliminating debt!!

  23. Find JOY on difficult days. No self-pity!

  24. Make an effort once monthly to reach out to siblings who are distant.

  25. Give Steve personal space. Encourage him to achieve goals. Give him something to chase. ;)

Sometimes it's scary to get older, but the truth is what my mom has always said, "Life is what you make it." Every step is a step closer if I make the effort, no matter the length of my stride. Thanks for believing in me, mom. :) So, here's to an amazing year to come and the people who are making the journey with me!

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