Friday, January 28, 2011

Sugar Detox Update

One thing I've learned this week that has absolutely taken me by surprise:


I reeeally enjoy sugar. I love desserts. That's usually the second menu I check out at the restaurant because I try to decide what to eat for my main course so I still have room for dessert! This isn't what I learned.

What I learned this week after cutting out all sugar was that I put the enjoyment of foods without sugar in them on the back burner, with it turned off... I'm totally rediscovering the wonder and amazement of other foods that have no refined sugar or white flour. It's like I'm tasting a lot of things for the first time. I've discovered I really love Mexican food (can't get enough taco salad, guacamole, or Chipotle's lime-cilantro rice) and Thai food (pad see ew - say yum!). I liked it before, but I really do enjoy every little taste of it. My sugar cravings are still around - intensely at times. However, I've started craving healthier foods like salads with protein, whole wheat bread/toast in the morning, and fruits. The fruits have become my new "sugar" fix, but at least they're naturally ocurring and healthy! To be completely open, I think there was a day that I ate four oranges! Not a bad thing to be addicted to during the cold & flu season! Right now I'm dreaming of luscious, ruby red watermelon. Mmm...


How can you not drool?... I'm so excited for summer and for the Saturday Market to open! Local produce. Local entertainment. Local fun. =) Gotta' love it! Especially with my new produce bag, made by my talented mom! She's got mad sewing skills!

Here's to seven more weeks of a sugar-free diet! You can bet there will be dessert when it's over! haha


Anna said...

way to go!!! I'm doing the no sugar stuff also, along with almost no grains (occasional rice) and no dairy because of Ezra's allergy. My sugar cravings are also lessening, and it's helped with some weight loss.

Blessings Hermana!

Kari Hornaday said...

Wow, Anna! I'm impressed! I can't imagine the planning and self-discipline it takes to cut all of that out of your diets! You're amazing! Yesterday was a "splurge" day for me on this detox. Too many temptations in one place and I caved. However, I've resolved that one day doesn't have to ruin the next seven weeks! =)