Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Work, Vinyls, and Neighbors

What a great day! I'm amazed at how much God blesses us.

Took a new approach to my morning workout. I try to walk the entire perimeter of a nearby park each morning. The "try" is in the getting there, not in making it all the way around. =) My new approach was to pray for my entire family as well as others I've committed to pray for and anyone who popped into my mind. I can't believe how quickly my walk went by! I have a hard time thinking in a straight line, so I usually mouth the words to myself. I may have been tagged a weirdo by a few, but I don't care. It was so inspiring!

I worked a few hours at the thrift store today. I really like my new job. There are some shady characters, but most customers are really nice. Thank you for praying for me and encouraging me. I love seeing Steve light up when I talk about work. I think this job has been even more of a blessing to him than it has been to me. He loves seeing me energetic, and the financial blessing has been a big stress reliever.

Today my supervisor said, "You're doing a great job! I'm so glad you know QuickBooks!" I do? I do! haha They also decided to have me work full shifts on the days I'm there. So awesome! I'm still able to make it to church on Sunday mornings and Sunday/Wednesday evenings. I will even be able to continue teaching the monthly women's bible study as well, as long as I'm not needed on Saturdays. *jaw drop* Still in awe of God's work in our lives. His ways are perfect. Trust Him!

After work, I decided to dig through the vinyl records they have. Two cool finds! Huey Lewis & The News' "Fore!" and John Denver & The Muppets' "A Christmas Together". How fun is that??

Steve and I are still figuring out the two-job communication trick. After missing each other at lunch, we were able to get ourselves straightened out enough to grab a Pepsi together. I cherish those silly little moments. =) Steve was in a state of shock the other night when he realized we've already made it three-quarters of the way through our fourth year of marriage. What?!? Where did all of that time go?

While walking up the sidewalk to our apartment, my neighbor waved me over and handed me a hot bowl of chicken casserole. I had just been planning to make a sandwich. Such a great surprise on a chilly, dark evening. Thanks, Jamie!

Also, a thank-you to my sister-in-law, Patty, for being such an encouragement and helping me stay accountable with working out and staying healthy! She's amazing!

So, so, so very thankful for my life. And my amazing friends. And my incredible Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the good life.

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