Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let's Go Camping!!

We did it!

All the way to 5am! Biggs had to potty.

Bigsby was fascinated by the crinkling tents. Steve and I still have our own tents from our single days. We decided to air them both out.

Steve's tent sleeps two. Mine sleeps four. Who thinks further ahead? The woman! Haha

After buying our house, I never felt very connected to it. I've always struggled with putting down roots in a place. When I sunk those tent stakes in the ground and stepped back to survey the scene, it hit me. This is my land. THIS beautiful grass and these big trees are MINE! Who cares about the house...

There is something truly unique about land. I'll never read the verses about Israel "possessing the land" or "living long in the land" lightly ever again. The land is, in my mind, one of God's greatest gifts. Through His will, it sustains us, protects us, gives us hope and excitement, and it is the canvass of His original love letter to us. This will take me a long time to fully grasp.

The crazy thing about our yard are the new plants that are constantly popping up. Much to our (surprisingly strong) dislike, these mushrooms keep popping up. Yet look how intricate they are! Isn't that amazing?

So... We got outside to enjoy our home. My tent has two zipping doors. Steve's has one. Hence we have a bedroom with a large dressing room aka the "eternal tent". Biggs lost control. He LOVED it.

Now that we know it's good camping land, come on over! But bring a sleeping pad or air mattress... Seriously solid ground here.

The Grumpy Camper ;)

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