Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Urban Craft


Glorious, golden sunshine!

The single most valuable word in the Pacific Northwest in January. 

Addie & I took Biggs for a walk. More out of necessity than pleasure. However, we had a great time! It started out gray, windy, and glum. The first five minutes weren't fun, but once my legs warmed up and the wind died down, we found ambition. And warm sunshine!

I had heard of these Free Libraries. You can find one near you at the official website:

We found one near us!

We found a few other things on our walk:
• 1 orange & black striped bouncy ball
• 1 Golden Book (Little Free Library)

• 1 Bald Eagle flying overhead
• 1 Cluster of gumballs from a tree. 
• 1 Giant handful of twigs
• 1 Branch of cedar
• 3 Pinecones

I made the wreath with only what we found on the walk. No wire, glue, or string. There is natural beauty in an urban setting. Sometimes you just have to put the pieces together. 

Now take a hike! Or a walk. ;)

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