Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flying with a baby

I've learned a few things about flying with a baby. Recently, we went to Wisconsin and flew with an eight-month-old. A few easy tips I learned:
* ERGO or comfy carrier. I bought a used ergo carrier the day before our flight. It was awesome, both for the airport & our destination. Baby could be close to mommy & even sleep while we dragged ourselves & luggage from gate to gate. It also helps to have two hands free for boarding & deplaning!

* Breastfeed as much as baby wants , especially on landing & takeoff.

* A window seat affords much more privacy for breast feeding and offers a little more entertainment without disturbing neighbors. 

* Do your best to change diapers just before boarding. 

* Changing diapers on your lap if there's two adults is much easier than using the lavatory (so gross). 

* Bring plastic bags for diapers.

* Bring nicely scented sanitizing hand wipes. They're great for wiping down trays, walls, and armrests. They can also act as an air freshener if you have a stinky baby! Phew!

* Don't stress about the crying. It's only a few hours of everyone's lives & we can all stand to live outside our comfort zones once in awhile. 

* That being said, I don't think it hurts to over-prepare a little. 

I brought Tylenol, teething tabs, ear drops from the doctor, gas drops, and a few new toys. Some people recommended Benadryl, but I have a pretty laid back kid. I only ended up giving her Tylenol, and that was a half hour before we boarded. 

She had a little pain, but nursing did the trick. 

I know there are a ton of other tricks, but these are the ones that helped me the most. 

There was a little baby two rows up from us and he screamed most of the flight. The parents were great from what I could tell. Poor, sweet baby. 

There's a HUGE difference between children in need & unruly parents

with minions! ;)

Just my two cents!

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