Saturday, January 5, 2008

Townhouse Sweet Townhouse

Happy New Year! It's that time again to accidentally write 2007 on all of your checks. Oops! Wow! So much has happened since Steve and I flew to Oregon after Christmas. It was a pretty good flight with a 4-hour layover in Las Vegas. No, we didn't elope. :P Sadly enough... Kidding!

We have really been wanting to find a nice apartment, but we are also trying to save money for the wedding and such. So, one day we went to see Jane to look at her apartment and to see if we were interested in renting one of those if the college students moved out in May. She gave us her landlord's phone number and told us to give her a call and let her know we are interested. The real test would eventually be if she was interested in us.... ;)

The next day I called Betty and left a message on her voicemail. That night Steve and I had been talking about money and praying that God would show us His will in our housing decision. The morning after I received a voicemail message on my cell from Betty. She didn't have any apartments open, but she did have a townhouse that had recently been vacant. I was nervous because we had just prayed the night before and I wasn't sure if it was a gift from God or a temptation from Satan trying to sway us from waiting on the Lord. We prayed again and felt the Lord leading. So, we called her back and told her we were still interested and wanted to look at it. We drove over the next morning and looked at the apartment, got the keys, paid the move-in fee and first month's rent, and signed the contract. God is so good to us! We love you all so very much! Have a safe and blessed 2008!

Here are some preliminary pictures of our new home (naked as it is).


Patty said...

Hey Kari (and maybe Steve if you ever read this),

Congrats on finding a place to live! We love to read your updates and feel a little more connected to your lives.

Kari - How was your trip out west? Is it starting to feel like that is going to be home soon???

Love and miss you lots!
patty and phil

Kari said...

Hey Patty! Here are more pictures of our place. How's TX after the freezing cold of WI? Love you!! - Kar