Friday, January 25, 2008


So, this has been a week of mishaps, malfunctions, and mistakes for our family. Let me recap:

    • Our furnace (Steve and Kari's house) had a central nervous system breakdown and blew a fuse along with developing some other side effects. Effectively freezing Steve and forcing him to build fires every night. Poor man. :(
    • Steve's mac died.
    • Mom was in a car accident. She's ok, but the car isn't doing so hot at this moment.

Thankfully, I am doing pretty well right now. I'm staying on top of homework for the most part. I took late library books back and mailed a package to Steve today. I put in (almost) all of my hours at work this week. I scheduled a doctor's appointment and the next pre-marriage counseling session for Steve & I. I'm just waiting to hear back from Pastor Rob. I also paid the down payment to reserve the cottage for our honeymoon. Now it's time to call some bakeries and get some estimates/quotes! I love being productive!

Stay warm! Stay connected! Stay safe!

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