Sunday, February 8, 2009

Halfway Through February

Been a long time, old friend. A lot has happened since I last posted. We had a good flight back from Wisconsin. I became radioactive at a nuclear medicine plant. I will still be slightly radioactive until February 12th. We found out Phil & Patty are planning to visit Oregon in March, Lord willing! We're extremely excited about that! Steve has been insanely busy at work. I've been busy cleaning house, reading books, and trying to put together a house management binder. It sounds more intimidating than it really is. However, it is taking much longer than I anticipated. Most things do... I've picked up knitting a scarf I began approximately eight years ago on New Year's Eve with Naomi Siler (now Evers), Ray Siler (still Siler), and Lois Brinkmann (now Van Stratum). It's amazing how much things change in eight years!

My thyroid is recovering well, I assume, from the radioactive iodine. Steve and I are ready for it to wear off so we can finally get back to normal life - no separating dishes, no stowing my garbage in a blue bio-hazard bag, no kissing restrictions! It's ridiculous to think of how many things the human mouth/saliva touches in a day: pillow, toothbrush, cup, silverware, napkin, lip balm & lipstick, spouse, food (apple cores, sticks from popsicles and corndogs), bottles and pop cans, straws, fingers, lips, pages of a book, wrappers, stamps, envelopes, and the list goes on. It's really making me rethink my garbage output.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully there will be more. Only God knows, but just in case: - just kidding!

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