Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More News

We just got back from the doctor & my post-therapy appointment went pretty well. Everything seems to be going fine. As expected, I'm hyperthyroid again (exhausted, always hot, anxious), but I'm really excited about the next few months and the prospect of becoming a much healthier woman than I've ever been! Very soon! My heart rate is a bit high, but the doc increased one of my medicines to help with that. All of your prayers are greatly appreciated!

We're heading to Bend for a romantic weekend getaway. I am so excited to have free time away from the house to spend with Steve. He's been under a lot of stress with work, my health, and other commitments, and I think God has designed this weekend especially for Steve to be able to relax.

We are beginning the search for a curriculum for the college/career age Sunday school class that Steve started to teach the first of February. My guess is that there will usually be 3-4 people each week, half of which will be Steve and I. So, my instinct says that something that leans more toward group discussion would be perfect. Anybody have any recommendations?

Phil & Patty are planning to come in March!! Yay!

My mom & dad have talked about visiting in April.

Steve & I are planning, Lord willing, to drive to Michigan around the end of July for a family reunion.

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Patty said...

So glad to hear your follow-up appointment went well. We are praying for you guys!

Enjoy your weekend in Bend! We can't wait to see you!