Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Loathed Loves

The following are my loathed loves - the things I love, but hate to need...

My nose loves...
My sinuses and mouth love:

My immune system loves:

My miserable mind loves:

My chilled body loves:

Whether it's temporary allergies or a miserable cold, I'm going to be warm and comfy today!


Patty said...

did you watch The Office this past week??? I thought about if when I saw the soap... you should maybe try a desanitizing station!
hope you feel better soon!

Kari Hornaday said...

haha Patty! You're great! I did watch the office, and I thought that part was pretty funny. Anytime you go to any type of self-serve food establishment out here, there are giant bottles of hand sanitizer at the beginning of the lines now. Kind of reassuring that at least someone out there cares about killing germs! I don't want the flu again! Makes me just want to eat at home... I've worked in a restaurant, and let me tell you, yikes!