Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet... The Unnamed Dog!

The dog with no name. She is a sweet mutt. She is definitely not a pure bred and she could use a lot of training, but she's full of love and snuggles!

She may be small, but she's a bundle of high-strung energy. She would run with the best of them...if only she had four legs. But she doesn't let that keep her down!

She is a tactile pet. She loves to be touched and petted. The more, the better! She is made from many different materials including cotton, fleece, flannel, vinyl, terry cloth, and pom-poms. Inside, she is full of surprises! Some of those surprises are cotton batting, flax seed, denim, and bubble wrap! There is more... But we'll let that be her little secret.

She's a young pup and still gets tired. She's never down for long. Her quick "cat naps" replenish that youthful vigor and she's on the run again!

The biggest mystery about this lil' pup isn't her name. It's her owner! The above picture is a hint of who she's on her way to see! Can you guess? Hint #2: She's also small and full of energy!

Thanks for checking out my latest creation! Hope to make more soon!

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