Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Late Birthday Post

Just a little post on how I spent my 26th birthday. =)

I received some pretty great gifts from some pretty special people. I didn't get photos of them all, but they're all equally awesome. Phil, Patty, and Maya, aware of how much Steve and I enjoy board games, gifted us with the incredibly fun Carcassone! I then got a package from mom and dad:

These scissors are incredible! A great help with Christmas gifts!

Beautiful flowers from Kiki!

I spent part of my evening at the Willamette Humane Society, helping out in the pet store.
It's always fun to see little critters get a new home!

My sweet husband treated me to dinner at a Mongolian grill.
Yummy! I love not having to cook some nights.

Can't beat a steaming plate of stir-fry! Mmm...

I had a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love and well wishes.
Thank you, everybody!
I'm sure my year will be amazing.
God is good!

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