Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching Up While Catching a Cold...

The formatting of this first picture says it all. I couldn't get it the way I wanted -- and the rest of my day is the exact same way. =) A nasty cold is settling in for a (hopefully short) visit, and it has me exhausted and achy. I definitely need all the grace God can spare for me!

I'm so proud of Steve! He just received his certificate from eBay! He is now an official top-seller!

This month has been full of achievements, like Steve's certificate above. I also finished my last college class, and I'm on track to receive my associate degree in Human Resources Management & Business Administration shortly! This month has also seen its share of difficulties. I finished just in time to catch a nasty head cold. Yet there's always the small comforts of home to set us right after a long, hard day. Homemade pizza -- yum!

After all of the cold days and the colds/viruses, I'm ecstatic to see signs of life around here again!

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