Sunday, August 14, 2011

100 Top Toys?

100 Most Influential Toys From 1923 to The Present --

**Toys in bold are ones I've owned, stolen, or borrowed. ;)**


Radio Flyer Wagon
Chemistry Set
Joy Buzzer
Pop-Up Book


Stuffed Mickey Mouse
Finger Paint
Sock Monkey (My brother and I each had one - originals with red lips. Phil's had a hat.)
Buck Rogers Rocket Pistol
Microscope Set
Beach Ball
Red Ryder BB Gun
Army Men (Usually stole them from my brother just to irritate him)
View-Master (They have these at a cool little coffee shop by us. Fun idea!)


Bubble Solution
Little Golden Books (Potty training necessity)
Magic 8 Ball


Water Balloon
Silly Putty
Fisher-Price Little People (Love, love, love the little schoolhouse!)
Paint-by-Numbers Kit
Mr. Potato Head
Wiffle Ball (And wiffle bats... Ouch!)
Matchbox Car
PEZ Dispenser
Gumby (He's on my fridge right now! A friend gave him to Steve and I for our wedding to remind us to always be flexible. Thanks, Shirley! Also reminds me of my cousin Kristen.)
Play-Doh (Just played with some this afternoon)
Tonka Truck
Corn Popper (I'll take this over the newer noisier toys any day!)
Two-Handed Pogo Stick
Hula Hoop
Barbie (Mattel stole years of my childhood! Played with these for hours on end.)
Troll Doll (Mom wouldn't let us have these, but the neighbor girl did.)
Plarail Toy Train
Chatty Cathy
Fake Vomit


Etch A Sketch
Rock-a-Stack (I never knew their name. I called them ring-things.)
Ken (Dreamy! I remember when they made them with real hair. Weird.)
Slip 'n Slide (Best. Toy. Ever.)
Chatter Telephone (Dragged this around for the first few years of my life!)
G.I. Joe (The source of many bitter feuds between siblings)
Easy-Bake Oven (I can't believe my mom trusted me.)
Creepy Crawlers
Rock'em Sock'em Robots
Johnny Seven O.M.A.
See 'n Say (It's addictive.)
Barrel of Monkeys
Radio-Controlled Car
Hot Wheels (Totally raced these down Bore's long driveway!)
Flatsy Doll
Barbie's Dream House


NERF Ball (My husband is still obsessed with Nerf products)
Paddington Bear (I may have only read the book, but I loved that bear!)
Baby Alive (Always wanted one. Mom probably figured four real kids were enough.)
Shrinky Dinks
Magna Doodle (Especially the beard ones! Kind of creepy!)
Rubik's Cube
Stretch Armstrong
Star Wars Action Figure
Mattel Classic Football
Speak & Spell
Star Trek Electronic Phasers


Cabbage Patch Kids (I had a bed-tent that I absolutely adored and lived in for awhile)
Polly Pocket
Slap Bracelet (First one was from an older couple during Halloween)
Masters of the Universe Action Figure (He-Man & She-Ra!! Plus the lion thing they rode)
Glo Worm (Always loved these. My friend Rachal had one. Still want one!)
Care Bear
My Little Pony
Teddy Ruxpin
Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine
Pound Puppy (I remember playing/seeing Phil's. One named smokey)
Koosh Ball (Hate these!)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Skip-It (Neighbor girl had one)
Glow Stick
Wrestling Buddy


Little Tikes Log Cabin --- What happened to Lincoln Logs?!?
Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car
Super Soaker (received these as gifts from one of my dad's company parties. Fun!)
Beanie Baby
Buzz Lightyear
American Girl Doll (I wanted one so bad! I had a few of the books.)
Tickle Me Elmo
Neodymium-Magnet Toy


Zhu Zhu

I was surprised paper dolls weren't on there. Loved those! What toys do you think should have been on this list that aren't? What were or still are your favorites?

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