Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bigsby Jones Hornaday

Seven to Ten

7 Weeks....

Bigsby was small when he became part of our family.
Maybe too tiny, but he was the chunkiest of the litter.
We chose his name because...

* Kari wanted a cute name.
* He's an English Yellow Labrador Retriever.
* Bigsby sounded like a proper British name to Kari.
* Steve wanted a geeky name.
* Biggs was a character from Final Fantasy, one of Steve's favorite video game series.
* Biggs is also the sidekick of Wedge on Star Wars.

Bigsby got kind of sick around 7 weeks. 
He had tummy troubles, and we wound up at the vet.

Boiled Chicken. Chicken Broth. Rice. 



He got much better after a week of that.
We felt much worse.
Gradually started him on kibbles and water.
He packed on the pounds!
From 7 to 10 lbs in one week!

8 Weeks...

He still had his baby fat!
Eight weeks was a big week!
He was so energetic, and was finding out how big his yard really is!
He started shredding sticks, leaves, and seed pods on the nice, clean carpet...

9 Weeks...

We started seeing brown eyes!

By nine weeks, Biggs could obey the commands "Sit", "Down", and "Come".
He's a very smart dog...
It worries me.

We finally started moving stuff into the yard.
The patio swing, for example.
It's taken us longer than expected to hang the swing.
He has claimed it as his lounging and "debris shredding" area.
Biggs will respond one of two ways (I'm guessing) when we put it up:
1. He'll wander around plopping discontentedly in different grassy areas.
2. He'll claw, chew, and clamber until he can get on it.
I'm hoping for #1.

10 Weeks...

As I was driving home from Potluck Sunday at church, my phone rings.
My sick husband (not sounding so sick) declares, "I have AMAZING news!!"

I know he isn't pregnant...

"I taught Biggs how to shake!! He's soo smart! You're such a GOOD DOG, Biggs!!"

We're currently half-way through week ten.

He's now 13 lbs of rough and tumble.

Biggs keeps bringing more stuff onto the deck and into the house.
Grass. Moss. Dandelions. Leaves. Sticks. Seed pods. Centipedes.
So gross... 

He has recently tapped into a new energy reserve we didn't know he possessed.

He runs.
And runs.
And runs some more.

All of that energy is usually paired with plenty of



And oh yes...


It's toothing terror in our house.


Drop by for a nibble... 


One more funny thing:

Biggs learned how to go up the stairs to our bedroom (and his kennel).
He can't get down the steep stairs.
He gets stuck.
A lot.

We laugh, and yell "treat" as he growls and flips and hops.

So mad!

Many more stories and photos to come...

Have a great week!

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