Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We've been digging into our yard. It's been so fun to see what all is there!
New things keep popping up and blooming each week.

Recently we tore out a bunch of boxwood bushes.
We're hoping to put a garden in where they were.
Steve's been hard at work troubleshooting chainsaws and rototillers.

I couldn't resist clipping a few of the lilac blossoms from around the yard for my table.

Some bleeding hearts appeared at the back of the yard.
I keep praying Bigsby won't tear the plant to pieces.
It's so beautiful, and I'm so thankful for the blessing of our home!

We've had a lot of fun having some friends from church over for a movie night.
We're very excited for the Lord to use our home as a place for ministry.
If you're ever in the neighborhood, please stop by!
We'd love to see you, especially Bigsby!

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