Friday, June 29, 2012

Diving Into Summer

We've been busy!
Here's a quick update:
* Bigsby is BIG!

* Kari learned to hang drywall

* Steve laughed at Kari using power tools

* Steve is teaching College Sunday School

* Kari helped lead music for VBS this week and has been playing (limited) piano at church

* Steve has been doing most/all of the gardening this year!

* Kari got a part-time job merchandising at Portland stores for hair salon products (Paul Mitchell, Chi, TIGI). No, she doesn't get discounts. ;)

Today we walked at Bush Park w Biggs for the first time. It's so beautiful!

We also found some crazy $1 deals at Goodwill for the pup!

Biggs approves.

And desperately needs a bath...

Steve, Kari, & Stinky Hound Hornaday

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