Sunday, August 19, 2012

Things I've Learned From German Shepherds...

We watched two German Shepherd pups overnight this weekend. Bigsby was elated! Here's what I, a non-German Shepherd person, have learned from them:

1. We're German. We're stubborn and opinionated and somewhat war-like, just like the people.

2. No matter what size or breed you are, we will try to win. Again, we're German.

3. If all humans are out of site for more than 2 minutes, commence pitiful whining.

4. If there's a ball, there's only a ball. Nothing else exists.

5. If your opponent (or even your teammate) is nearby, never drop the ball.

6. Stare at humans for awkwardly long amounts of time. It's funny to watch them squirm.

7. Food is good.

8. Pretend you're deaf. It gets you more attention.

9. Equality is essential. If you have something, so should I.

10. Learn "normal". If anything deviates from this, freak out and bark loudly. Humans like this. Most humans. Ok, maybe just our masters at our house...

11. We love to love. Kisses. Hugs. Cuddles.

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