Friday, March 13, 2009

New Hobbies!

I've decided to try something for the next year, starting this month (March). I want to explore new hobbies. There are things I've always been curious about, but have never taken the time to learn. So, my strategy is to give myself one month to explore a new hobby, whether that means reading about it, learning it from someone else, or by my own trial and error. This is my tentative calendar for the next year:
  • March - Knitting
  • April - Beachcombing
  • May - Biking, Hiking, & Camping
  • June - Homemade Jewelry
  • July - Photography
  • August - Carpentry/Painting (already have some projects: painting piano and desk)
  • September - Interior Decorating
  • October - Hospitality
  • November - Stationary/Correspondence
  • December - Homemade Soap
  • January - Crocheting
  • February - Weight Training
Do you have any hobbies or fun ideas to try?

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