Thursday, September 9, 2010

Relax: A Home Spa Day

Chill Out

*Find a quiet peaceful place*
Escape to the bedroom or bathroom & lock the door!

*Treat yourself to some special spa gifts*
Soothing music, fresh flowers, a fluffy new towel or robe...

*Throw together or pick up some easy, healthy foods*
Jamba Juice =)

*Lay back, relax, and enjoy*
This is YOUR time!

I know I can't afford a night at a spa, but I can bring a little spa to my home.
Draw up a bubble bath with a little help from Pioneer Thinking.
You can usually find a cheap foot bath at your local Goodwill!
Sterilize with a little rubbing alcohol.
You're good to go!

If you can, splurge on some massage oils from Bath & Body Works.
A little goes a long way & smells wonderful!

Treat yourself to a facial!
You can find some quick, easy recipes here courtesy of ModCloth.
You could even make yourself an eye mask!
Use this simple pattern and tutorial from Prudent Baby.
What are tips and ideas you have for a Home Spa Day?

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