Friday, September 24, 2010

What a week...

Friday! How I have longed for you! Now I'll embrace you in a desperately grateful hug!

It has been an incredibly long, bumpy, unenjoyable road to get to this weekend. We have arrived safely, however.

The week began with an incredibly short-notice termination of my babysitting job. I always knew it was temporary, but a little reminder would have been nice. God gives grace.

Monday saw Steve drowned and buried in Ebay work. The wife feeling slightly neglected, but knowing the necessity of her abandonment, accepted it - grudgingly. :P

Tuesday was a day spawned in hell. I probably cried about a gallon of tears. Steve was home again Wednesday, but feeling trampled under the weather, he laid on the couch feeling miserable all day.

Wednesday I also found out that one of my uncles has a cancerous tumor surrounding one of his kidneys as well as a spot on one lung. He's undergoing medical treatments this weekend. Please, please, please: Pray for him and his family. He's my mom's only brother, and I know its taking a toll on her and her three sisters. I'm praying God gives them all mercy and faith to know that He is in control and He loves them with a jealous, everlasting love. That all is safe in His arms. Your prayers will be an incredible blessing. Trust that!

Thursday was a bit better. I got a few things done around the house, and got to spend my evening at the Humane Society. That always brightens up my day. Most of my time was spent hauling pet food from the garage to the sales floor. I decided that was my workout and spurned the eliptical for the rest of the day.

The highlight of my time there was when I met a tiny puppy who had just been adopted. She ha come to the shelter as a stray, dirt matted in her hair. When I met her, She had been recently shaved for her spay operation. Her fur was so silky and curly! Such a doll! Her disposition is so sunny and happy despite her past! She would be an incredible therapy dog, both because of her story and her personality. I'm hoping her new owner will pursue that! Thank you for adopting

Today is Friday. Finally! God has really taught me that I have made little progress in my prayer life compared to what He has in store for me to learn! Praise God for His new mercies and grace He freely gives daily. I don't want to think where or who I'd be without them! Steve has one day of work left, and then it's time for a LOT of R&R!

We hope you have an excellent weekend as well!

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