Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Storms Out

Generally the stormy lion and docile lamb illustration is reserved for Spring, but it seems more fitting for Autumn this year.

Within three days, the temperatures in the valley have jumped from 62F to 81F. Yesterday was 76F, and this morning I woke up with an icy nose and toes! Now is attempting to convince me that it will be 88F today! I'm ready for something steady. Cold or hot, I care not! Just bring me some stability! =)

I've been sewing lately. It's been very productive and fun, but I wish I had something to show for it! They're mostly birthday/Christmas presents so I can't post pictures of them yet. I guess I'll have to work on something publishable. I've been working on blankets lately. I'm hoping to work on some pillows for our bed. I've had the fabric and trimmings for over a year now, but the intimidation of a new pattern has kept my creative courage at bay.

Today I'm planning an "Inspiration Day". These days typically consist of delicious coffee, hours at the library, lots of sticky notes, and a really good pen. I'm excited to share what I find!

Hope you have a beautiful day as well!

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