Thursday, June 16, 2011


Not a literal flood. Tears. The last 24 hours -- ridiculous. Last night we mourned the passing of Plexiglass "Plex", our Plecostomus. The death of pets is a terrible thing for me. I don't take it well, no matter their size or length of stay with us. Steve is my super hero in those moments -- well, in most moments. =)

My morning was going great, despite the absence of life in the "pond". Then my mom let me wish my Uncle Norman a Happy 54th Birthday over her cell phone, and hearing his voice triggered a flood of memories as well as longings for home and the precious places and faces stored deep in my heart. That flood had an avalanche effect and left me in tears while ending the call with my mom. Uff da! What a morning!

So much has been happening lately to remind me of the brevity and fragility of our earthly lives. My prayer list is long. So thankful God hears my prayers and give peace and comfort in times of uncertainty and pain.

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