Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ride Around The World

Why ride your bike? It relieves stress, saves money, and gets you in shape while having fun. After a surprisingly stressful day that had Steve halfway to comatose and me in tears, we pedaled. I fought it for awhile, thinking of how exhausted I feel at the start, how much my bum hurts afterward, and how much I hate hills. After a few good cries and watching my husband literally spinning in circles from boredom and the need for endorphins, I wheeled the bikes outside.

As I expected, my legs were not thrilled... However, I've found that it takes my body longer than most people's to warm up. But once it's warm, it's good to go for quite awhile. Be patient -- the hardest lesson I'm learning. Patient with my body. Patient with pedaling in the lowest gear to get up a huge hill. Patient with pedestrians and inattentive/insensitive motorists. If you know me well, you know patience is extremely difficult for me. Lord, help me!

The heat yesterday was exhausting. Yes, it was only 83F, but we weren't built for this. We're translucent people - not just white. We have fair skin & freckles. Our faces look like overripe tomatoes when we workout. We spend seven months of the year doused in rain and buried in cloud cover. It's like a mole waking up in a tanning bed. Shock and misery. Yet we press on. ;)

We biked around the world...

As the sun set in the west...

And the ducks waddled around the sand bar...

Steve taught me how to ride UP a curb - something I've been scared to try for quite a long time. I did it! I also managed to pop my rear tube. =P Steve added it to his to-do list. I'm betting it will move to the top of the list since he is so enamored with his new bike and riding with his wife. I love that we have found something to do together again instead of sitting on the couch and watching sub par TV shows.

We're looking forward to the BMA annual meeting our church is hosting this weekend and for having room to host some friends: Justin, Marie, & Gracie Reardon. We're also excited to possibly see Ray & Kelly Siler next week as they are visiting in our area. We're very blessed with godly, wonderful friends.

Now I'm going to finish this up and enjoy the rest of my Jamba Juice Razzmatazz ~ made at home! Check if they have it in the freezer aisle at your local grocery store. It's so easy and cheaper than driving across town for it. (I know there are those of you who have your own amazing smoothie recipes. Pass them on!) I like Jamba Juice kits because I am a very impulsive person and it's simple, quick, and delicious without the wasted gas and time in traffic.

Hope you have a wonderful summer day!

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