Friday, July 1, 2011

Closing June

June was a busy month. It's always a good feeling to look back and realize we survived. There were cuts & bruises, long days & short nights, sunshine & rain, blessings & burdens. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. It seems there's always a little good and bad to balance the scales of life.

We had a lot of fun with Rob & Catherine while they stayed with us. I definitely need to check out the Fruit Ninja game Catherine showed me. Looks like fun!

We also enjoyed having Justin & Marie stay with us. Their little girl, Grace, is such a sweetheart! After she warmed up to us and was playing and talking, Steve declared we can't have girls. "They're way too cute!" It was great to hang out with them, catch up (for Steve), and get to know them better (for Kari). It's incredible how God has taken our two very different lives and woven them into one. Family. Friends. Memories. Dreams. Our God is an awesome God!

The Church Association meeting went really well. It was great to see friends and meet new people. We really enjoyed the sermons and discussions. One of the highlights was seeing Chris & Lee Margaret Winkler and their almost 3 week old baby boy, Malcolm Bruce Winkler. He's so cute & definitely has a fascination with the new world around him. He stared at Steve for a good two or three minutes.

While June was fun, we're looking forward to what July has in store for us. Fireworks? Camping? More bike rides? Hope so!

Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you,
Therefore he will rise up to show you compassion
The Lord is a God of justice
Blessed are all who wait for Him.
Isaiah 30:18

Memory verse from Chapter 1:

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