Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lavender Love

Kari visited a lavender farm outside of Silverton, Oregon with some friends over the weekend. To their surprise, the house and outbuildings were empty and everything was overgrown. It was like a secret garden.

Upon arriving, they were greeted by a pair of deer enjoying the forsaken apple trees. It was such a unique little place. They were all wishing they had $500k to buy the farm. Afterward, they enjoyed a free lunch at Seven Brides Brewing in Silverton, Oregon. The food was delicious. They got all four entrees for free because the credit card machine was giving the employees so much trouble. They're excited to go back. Excellent service. Great food. Highly recommend it. =)

For Havenhill Lavender Farm photos, follow this link:

For Seven Brides Brewing, visit their website:

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