Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday Night Fun

What a busy week! It's hard to remember that we celebrated our second anniversary at the beginning of this week! It feels like it was so long ago already. We really enjoyed a laid back day that culminated in a beautiful dinner at Lum Yuen's, one of our favorite Asian restaurants in town. Their black tea and egg flower soup is so delicious!

Steve had taken a day off on Tuesday as well. We spent the evening at Jon & Kari's. I think we can officially qualify their house as our second home, at least on weekends. Thanks, guys! =)

I can barely remember Wednesday. There were a few tears throughout the day, but we (mainly me) survived. Bible study was great. It's so encouraging to see new faces, and to have such great discussions. We're so thankful for even the smallest green leaves of growth in our church. Praise God!

Thursday was full of one-year-old madness! I watched a little girl from church, and we had a blast. I watched her again yesterday, but it was a much more relaxed day. I'm planning to have her Tuesday through Friday of next week as well. Oh, the adventures we'll have!

Last night we were back at Jon & Kari's. Jon put together a really good photography lesson. He's the "King Genius" instructor of our recently created small, yet exceptionally bright photography class. It started with a great Goofy video. After discussing aperture, f-stops, shutter speed, and ISO, Jon had a special, surprise guest. (I know! What an awesome teacher!) Kari was sitting nearest the patio window and suddenly was surprised by the appearance of a masked, gloved little thief. I caught his smug little mug with Steve's iPhone camera.

Now they know why all of their cat food has been disappearing so quickly! Steve thought it would be cool to shoot a photo of this little guy without any glass between them. So, if you watched the Goofy video, you may see some humorous parallels. ;) He headed stealthily out the front door to sneak around and get what I'll call a "paparazzi shot". The rest of us stayed glued to the patio door, watching the theif nibble away at his loot. Out of the silence of the stalk, we hear a loud clanging and clunking. As he was tip-toeing out the front door, Steve managed to slip his sly foot right into a pot, which caught him off balance. Seeing the Goofy part of this?? The raccoon, hearing the raucous, bounded off into the dark night. Steve returned empty-handed, but with a big smile. Of course, the thief returned a few more times, since the eating was too good to pass up.

Fun times!

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