Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun Finds

Steve and I like Goodwill. We LIKE it a lot. Were I to say we loved it, I would have to delve into the murky depths of a love-hate relationship scenario, and I'm too excited about my finds to be bogged down by such analytical thinking. With that said, onto the fun stuff!

Who would have thought you could still find great stuff for under $1.00 ?? (That's not made in China...)

Find #1
"Pocket Size Film Lover's Companion" by Ronnie Sellers Productions of Portland, Maine.

This reminds me a lot of novelty books we saw at Powell's in Portland, but it was a ton cheaper!

I LOVE the Old Hollywood graphics!

It is a used book, but I think it just adds to the charm and intrigue.
I feel the same way about really old houses.
I love that they are full of character.

Blogger wouldn't upload this photo in the correct format.
You'll just have to change your perspective.
Check out the fun movie poster!
Isn't it great?

Find #2
"Further Still: a collection of poetry and vignettes" by Beth Moore

"Further Still" is a sequel of sorts to Beth's first book of creative writings "Things Pondered".
I love her insight and sense of humor.
This was one of the big reasons for this purchase:
Watercolor Mister
Beth Moore
Watercolor mister
Are you really real?
Can you guess what I'm thinking?
Do you know how measles feel?
And do you mind me asking, Sir
Just how old are you?
That much older than my teacher?
She says she's sixty-two.
Watercolor mister
Do you always smile?
Or do you stick your tongue out
Every little while?
And do you really know that lady
With the jar upon her head?
And does she have a flat top
When she takes it off for bed?
Watercolor mister
I think you look real nice.
So maybe you could give me
A little good advice.
I'm getting pretty tall,
But my dad says I'm a pup.
What do you think I should be
One day when I grow up?

Yes, His...
Isn't that a precious poem? I remember a similar picture from when I was young and having many thoughts along the same line. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for introducing me to the Watercolor Mister so many years ago!

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