Friday, August 20, 2010

Guest of Honor

I may not fit the "single, independent woman" stereotype, but I'm taking a page out of my 70-year-old neighbor lady's book who does:

"Sometimes you need to be your own guest of honor."

I love being the woman of the house, a wife, and caretaker of children (babysitting). I also enjoy doing things for myself, which I'm learning is an art as you get older and begin taking on more responsibilities.

Tonight I am the guest of honor, and by circumstance, the only guest at my table tonight. Instead of throwing a bag of popcorn in the microwave or eating soup from a can, I decided to treat myself to a beautiful dinner. It feels strange, but exciting. I'm fighting that urge to feel lonely. Why do I fight the silence and stillness around me? Why is such a rare occurrence perceived as anything but a blessing to some, like me? The answers have always eluded me. We'll see how it goes.

The Menu:
Vegetarian Southwestern Layered Bean Dip with Chips
Sweet Corn On-The-Cob
Snicker Salad - cHoCoLaTe! Mmm...

The Plan:
Enjoy Cooking! One of my favorite things to do anyway!

Make my husband jealous by texting delicious food pics! =)
He'll get the leftovers. I'm not that mean.

Watch a Chick Flick.

Maybe go for a walk or take a bath while listening to my favorite tunes.
This is my time. ;)

I already enjoyed a nice walk to the grocery store with my reusable bags. It makes me feel powerful to be able to make a difference with such an easy, simple task! Love it!

What have you done or wanted to do to treat yourself as the guest of honor? I'd love to hear your experiences and ideas! Being a woman is awesome!

Men's input is welcome also. Y'all deserve a little honor too!

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