Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mom, This One's For You!

Our Garden



This is my oasis in the city.

My Pacific Northwest blend of wildflowers always make me smile.
The tomatoes are what make Steve smile.
And smile he does!
I even tasted one. Steve was so proud.
I don't like raw tomatoes, but these were sweet and juicy! Yum!
The little tender vines with baby tomatoes at the top are my Early Girls. Sorry for the poor exposure. I'm too lazy to edit photos today. =)
They're small, but I'm proud of them because they are the only ones of my seed-starters that survived! Yay!
Our garden decided to share a little sunshine with the rest of the world.
I think these are the yellow pear tomatoes.

Delicious strawberries from Lori on their second batch of the summer!

My favorite little guy, the basil plant.
He's the best smelling plant on the patio!
Do they make basil-scented aftershave? They should!
Ok, maybe not... But it is delicious!

Our BIG blessing of the month:

Steve and I picked over 4.5 lbs of wild blackberries and were able to freeze them for the fall & winter! Thank you, Lord!

At our local grocery, blackberries START at $6.65/lb (all the way up to $10/lb). Not even local or organic! We picked almost $30 (at the lowest price) of fresh blackberries right off the vine in the woods! Crazy!
Thanks for teaching me so much about gardening, mom, even when we didn't think I was paying any attention! haha

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