Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playing Catch-up

I'm (Kari) finally caught up with homework for the week! Now getting ahead another week will definitely be a less possible challenge. Steve has spent a lot of time working on systems/computers at the OSHA field office in Portland with a few other co-workers. These long days really exhaust us. Only 104 days until we can be exhausted at the same time! No two hour time difference!

There have been really long days as I was saying, but there are also the humorous instances that make it all bearable. Steve was telling me about one of his rides to Portland with his co-workers. One of the guys was driving, Steve was in the passenger seat, and two ladies were in the back seat. Steve had remembered that he put some cash in his back pocket so he wanted to put it in his wallet to make sure he didn't lose it. He was buckled up, and in order to reach in his pocket, he put all of his weight on his feet. Due to a child safety feature, any time there is less than 50 lbs in the seat, a light comes on and the airbag disables itself. So, Steve sat back in his seat and tried to wiggle to get the light to turn off. That didn't work so he started bouncing. Finally the light went off. Taking in this whole event, a lady remarked from the back, "That's what my son would do when I would tell him we were going to get ice cream." :)

My funny moments happen mostly when I either stick my foot in my mouth (figuratively) at work or school or when dad is home and is feeling slap-happy (literally). One of my funny moments happened the other day while I was driving down the interstate talking to Steve on my cell. I had rushed out of the house to meet mom at Kohl's and remembered I had told Steve I would call him that morning. So, while I was talking with Steve, a sudden panic gripped me. I had patted my jean pocket and not felt the familiar shape of my phone. Fearing the possibility of my car breaking down on the interstate in the freezing cold, I was freaking out. "Ahh! I forgot my-" a short silence, ".... hahaha" That's when I realized I was talking to Steve, he wasn't in the car, and I have no known telepathy skills. Wow... Some days are just like that.

Now for some wonderful, absolutely great news:
I will be flying to Oregon on March 6th


Kirstin will be meeting me out there the day after!!
I'm so excited!!

While we're out there, we'll be enjoying a bridal shower hosted by Steve's mom, Cathy, and her friend, Leah. Kirstin and I will also be planning and, together with Steve, hosting a rather informal engagement party.

So, I have a lot to plan for and look forward to. Great motivation to get my homework done! I hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend and is having a wonderful week!
Take care!

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Patty said...

I love that pic of Kirstin and Nicky! and your updates make me smile! hope your week is going well!
love you,