Monday, February 11, 2008


One of my favorite kinds of days are the ones where I have a huge list of things to do, but they take a lot less time than I anticipated. On Mondays I usually have a morning class, a Campus Crusade bible study over my lunch break, an afternoon class until 4:30pm and then I go home to do homework. However, today my morning class was over 10 minutes early. I went to bible study, which was on Daniel 3, and was absolutely fascinating and inspiring. We discussed how Rack, Shack, and Benny stand up against Nebuchadnezzar and his golden idol in the midst of every other person of the nation bowing. Wow! Talk about faith and guts!

After that, I went to my Human Resources Applications class, where we are working on various projects for local businesses. My team consists of three women: Dawn, Jamie, and myself. We are working on a disaster preparedness plan, a wellness plan/challenge, and a cookbook. We were only there for a half hour when Dawn decided to go home and Jamie and I decided to walk over to the business to talk with their representative, Becky. The business is on the third floor of the building, but we forgot and pressed 2 for the second floor. The door opened and we both stuck our heads out and realized our mistake. So, Jamie pressed 3 for the third floor. We got out and walked down the hall, then realized we were on the first floor. After that, we decided to take the stairs. We laughed the whole way up and were still laughing by the time we got to Becky's office. Talk about technical difficulties. ;)

That little meeting didn't take us long, so I packed up my backpack and walked to the gym. Wow! I wish I had done that weeks ago. It's so refreshing to feel my muscles burning. Yay! It's a nice change from the frigidity of this winter.

I'm still waiting to see how Steve's day has gone so far. He hasn't been feeling so good today. I got a call in the morning from him informing me that he had scheduled a doctor's appointment for 12:30pm. He called me later and told me the doctor had prescribed him some medicine and given him some tips to help him get better faster. So, pray that he feels better soon and heals quickly.

I hope you're all over the Monday blues. I'm dreading my exam in the morning. Time to study!!

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