Thursday, June 3, 2010

10 O'Clock & All Is Well!

All is quiet on the homefront. Little girl is down for her morning nap. A little grocery shopping completed. Husband hard at work at the office. Me? I'm reading a little Beth Moore in preparation for Saturday's women's bible study premier while sipping a mocha frappucino WITH whipped cream. It's a whipped cream kind of day. Some days need a little extra sweetness.

Through some miraculous wheeling-and-dealing, Steve managed to get himself a free second-hand MacBook.

Thank you, Lord. He's been needing a new laptop. My laptop is gradually crumbling to bits, but it still works. Hang in there, my little Lacintosh! It's a Dell with an Apple sticker. Yes, I'm a geek. I'm currently typing on a MacBook whilst Meebo-ing my husband on my iPhone. Meebo is the instant messaging application we use to get around the cost of sending texts. Welcome to the Hornaday's House of Nerddom. Come and visit! It gets better! ;)

The rest of the day will most likely contain Legos, chimichangas, a walk, baby tears and smiles, cute puppies at the humane society, and hopefully a visit to the in-laws. I hope your day contains a lot of happiness! Especially since tomorrow is FRIDAY! Yay!

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