Sunday, June 6, 2010

From "Achoo!" to "Zzz..."

This weekend has flown by so fast. I had a great week with the little girl I watch, and found out the day before that I wasn't going to be watching her Friday. I was very happy. Teething is hard on everybody! Let's just say she looked very similar to this little tyke most of the Wednesday and Thursday:

I was exhausted by Thursday evening and not in the mood to contend with rush hour traffic on an empty gas tank in order to get to the humane society on the other side of town to volunteer. I pulled onto a side street after I couldn't get over to the lane I needed, and called to say I would be in on Friday instead. Then I headed home, VERY relieved.

On Friday, I volunteered at the humane society for 2.5 hours. There is a little guy who tugs at my heart every time I see him. He was adopted for a few days and brought back, and he always looks super sad. I wish someone would give him a family and a home. As a last resort, I wish I could take him home! His name is Spike. He's a sweety.

I think my buddy, Duke, may have just been adopted this weekend! I hope so! He's so snuggly and well-behaved!

Friday night, we went to Jon & Kari's for an amazing dinner and a photography lesson. Our assignments for last time were shallow depth of field and long exposure. Here are my submissions:

This is the newly reopened Union Street Pedestrian Bridge. It was converted from an old railroad bridge to a traffic alternative for those who bike or walk and want to avoid the vehicular rush-hour and safety risks on the Marion Street bridge. Gorgeous angles and beautiful views of the river. You can see how the focus of the photo is very close to the front, or shallow. I love this photo because it not only shows the height and strength of this historical marvel, but it also shows its new purpose and the people who enjoy it.

This shot was my long exposure. Kari and I went out to shoot some traffic while it was sprinkling. We found this awesome S-curve that made for really great lines. The wet pavement also adds some great texture to the shot. =)

On Saturday, I lead the first Women's Bible study at Mt. Olive! It went great! Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement! We're all very excited about where this ministry will go! I might post the transcript of the message in a future entry.
Steve and I attended Teresa & Brinnon Tyler's wedding reception at our church. It was an intimate gathering with some great food! Brinnon even ran home to bring some of their wedding pictures! I was in Wisconsin at Matt & Mareike Siler's wedding on the day Teresa & Brinnon got married. What a great Saturday! It was so great to see the Tylers and their wedding photos. They had a beautiful wedding!
Between the bible study and the reception, my allergies kicked in. ACHOO! It was awful! I was very blessed though! haha I guess that's what happens when you sneeze in 3's! I ended up going to bed around 9pm. According to Steve, I didn't sleep very well and, therefore, neither did he! Sorry, sweetheart! He woke up feeling sick to his stomach with a headache. We didn't make it to church, but we're feeling better now that we've had a bit more sleep and some time to chill out. Looking forward to bible study tonight.
That's been our weekend! Look forward to more pictures and stories! Hope you're having a great June so far!

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