Monday, June 14, 2010

Summertime Sillies

Steve and I had a wonderful day today complete with thrift shopping, sunburn, barbecuing, gardening, and working on Steve's PT job: fixing and selling electronics. He's pretty handy! If you're ever nearby and need something fixed, let him know. He can probably fix it. Mr. Amazing.

There must be something in the water... Or the sunshine... Or the general spirit of summer! Summertime silliness totally took hold of Steve and I at the St. Vincent De Paul store today because of an unmentionable event - way too embarrassing. Let's just say something happened and the wrong person was blamed for it. We were laughing so hard behind the shelves of dishes and glassware that Steve started crying and my face hurt. I wasn't sure if my face would crack from laughter or melt from embarrassment first! Only one word can describe that feeling: Uff-da! We were still laughing in the car as we drove across town to another thrift store.

I still need to post pictures from the last couple of photography outings. Eventually! No promises though... Just in case that last part sounded somewhat committal. I'm completely non-committal at this point! But maybe tomorrow... ;)

What's in the works for our week? Chiropractic appointments (K+S), babysitting (K), work (S), bible study (K+S), humane society (K), photography class (K+S) and hopefully a lot of time spent in the beautiful outdoors with the glorious sunshine and green grass and trees!

This week's photo assignment? Shooting produce, particularly bell peppers, to experiment and learn about lighting. I'm thinking kiwano. I wonder if I'll be able to find one??

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