Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Rain

It is, yet again, one of those days here in Oregon...
I decided to focus on what I enjoy about these days.
We've had a squirrel who climbs on the neighbor's roof and peeps in the bathroom window. He's been around for a year or more and is a rather indecent, immoral squirrel, but we like him anyway.
The second floor of our house is shockingly warmer than the main level. My feet hit the vinyl floor at the bottom of the stairs in the morning, and I have to stifle a yelp. Thank goodness for cappucino machines, my mother-in-law's homemade hot cocoa, and cute, wintery mugs. Yes, mom! It is the mug you sent last Christmas! I love it!

It's also officially Grilled Cheese season in our house. Two meals in a row and counting. Yum! Of course, soup is always on the side.

Just because the sun quit its day job, doesn't mean my chores have ended. One of my favorite chores in the fall & winter is folding hot clothes straight from the dryer! R.E. doesn't like to fold laundry, but he enjoys basking in the heat.

Last, but not least! Boots! I have my rubber rain boots and my fuzzy slipper boots (also from mom last Christmas). I love that my slippers have a rubber sole so I can wear them around the house and even to run out to the car when it's dry outside! Not pictured are my wool socks. I love them too. =)

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