Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meet R.E.

Socks come and go, but creatures are forever.

At least we wish they were!

It is our honor to introduce the first born creature from our sock drawer.

He is the descendent of a John Deere crew sock.

Meet R.E.
R.E. is mostly Steve's buddy.
His favorite season is Fall, if you haven't guessed by his dress.
He is a wooly hamster.
His hobbies include hanging out with Steve, watching movies, playing Final Fantasy, surfing Craigslist for great deals, and eating a LOT of pizza.
Lately, he's been talking about motorcycles a lot. I think it has to do with Steve's recent obsession with riding. They're even talking me into it. I actually drove a motorcycle yesterday! A CM 250 Honda. Granted, Steve was running alongside with a slightly-giddy-yet-panicked look on his face.
R.E. is a great, laid back guy. He has great manners, and is always concerned about making a good impression on the ladies. Any cute, available girly wooly hamsters out there? He's single!

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