Thursday, February 4, 2010

The 3-6 Grind

2pm - Steve is home for lunch! Yay!
3pm - Steve goes back to work. A little sad, but feeling good.
4pm - Lonely. The sun is disappearing. It's getting colder out.
5pm - Try to sleep. Minutes tick by. Check Facebook.
5:30pm - Stare at the clock.
5:45pm - Rereading the same things on Facebook. Deciding who to call.
6pm - Listening for the door.
6:15pm - "Click. Creeeakk." Steve's home! Yay!

So, my life lately sort of sounds like a dog's life, doesn't it? It made me laugh to think about it. Today I decided to drag out some old Real Simple magazines, blog (obviously), and read my bible. Today's reading was about the penalties of oxen goring people, other animals, and slaves. Not exactly what I expected to read about, but it definitely got my attention off the time. The other part was about the voice of God. Pretty awesome stuff.

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