Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Start

We've had a terrific start to our week. Monday was a long workday for Steve, but it's over! He came home and began working on his online business. I helped him with some of the packaging and mailing process. After that, we went over to Jon & Kari's for a few hours. It was great to enjoy some company and be out of the house for awhile.

On the way home we even grabbed some burgers. Steve's learned since being married to order only 3/4 of what he really wants because it's highly likely I will have leftovers. There are few times when he's been disappointed. However, the catch is that he ends up sharing more of his Pepsi than he planned. What a sweet guy! ;) It's been weird adapting to my body's new diet. It has decided to crave really small meals VERY often - like every hour or two.

We were up until 2am... The first time in weeks for me. This morning I had enough energy to clean the bathroom and get the laundry going. Thank you, Lord, for your mercies that are new every morning. It's going to feel great to have a clean and orderly house again. Now I'm ready for a nap (11am).

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