Monday, February 15, 2010

Lazy Days of Winter

Today was supposed to be productive. It has been, sort of. I'm really excited about a new project I'm working on. I'm going to try to make some hot/cold packs with cotton fabric, some dried teas and essential oil, and golden flaxseed.

I chose golden flax seed because it contains oils rather than the water found in wheat and rice, and tends to heat better without scorching. I chose golden over brown flax because the golden is supposed to have less of a "food" odor when you heat it. So, we'll find out if all of my research was accurate. The scents I've chosen are chamomile, peppermint, and lavender. They are all relaxing, but peppermint is supposed to be especially effective with relieving sinus pressure. I'm excited to test it once it's finished. I'm planning to make an unscented pack for Steve since the fragrances tend to bother him rather than help. He even went fabric shopping with me and picked out what he wanted. Awesome.

I bought the fabric at Wal-Mart for $1.50/yd and some lavender essential oil for about $2. I was able to buy the flax seed (.98 cents/lb) and dried tea (Stash - .09 cents a bag) in bulk from our local Winco store. I was excited I wouldn't have to order some online or drive up to Portland. Now I need to get the fabric through the wash, cut out the right sizes, sew them, fill them, and hopefully enjoy them. Back to work!

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