Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Day

It's amazing to me how many emotions pass through one person's mind in a single day.

I woke up this morning feeling rested. I realized it was Tuesday, and felt anxiety rise in my chest at the thought of Steve leaving for work. It seems silly, really, but I hate being alone all day. I made the choice to get up and get my day started. No more thinking. Just do.

I got dressed, and Steve woke to tell me he wasn't feeling good. Empathy and despair. "Lord, please don't let this be another virus! I can't handle any more physical illness right now!" Another choice. Get going and call someone healthy and encouraging: Mom. =) She's my morning coffee. Inspired and energized.

Drive to the pharmacy anticipating a long wait in line, even at 9am. I felt relieved and joyful that I was the third person in line and they called my number before I even had a chance to check out the book stand. Thank you, God!

Run by Goodwill before heading back home to check on Steve and help him get going for the day. Rushed, but excited for the hunt. We love bargain hunting. Found nothing. Disappointment. However, still optimistic about getting to Steve again before he left for work.

Traffic was incredibly light toward the city center. Feeling victorious. Made it home quickly. Steve was still there and ready to go to work. Content. I love helping my husband and was glad I could be there when he needed me.

Talked to mom a big portion of the day. Blessed. So glad I have a wonderful mom who is one of my best friends. Found a great little outfit, shoes included, at Goodwill! This never happens for me! Very happy.

Stopped at the neighbor's to ask about a neighborhood meeting. Feeling engaged. I've always enjoyed talking to people about matters of importance and personal meaning. I always live, but sometimes in small moments I actually experience the word as a verb.

My husband beat me home. Rare. Feeling a little sad. I missed welcoming him home. It's an important part of the day to both of us. However, I felt cherished to know that he was just as excited to welcome me home. He then took me on a dinner date. Feeling super loved & immensely grateful for the love of such an amazing man.

All in all, trivial daily things aside, I live an extraordinary life through the blessings and mercies God bestows on me in each passing moment. Joy is a hard-earned feeling, but with Christ it is possible to live in joy each day. He is my hope and my salvation.

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