Friday, April 23, 2010


I admit it. I'm in a blogging slump. I've tried to encourage Steve to write, but he cringes at the thought of transcribing thoughts to paper/type after a long day of tech support over email and phone. I can't blame him. We're both so tired tonight, the only thing I can think of are some blessings from the day.

* Steve getting up on time this morning. He hates mornings.

* Getting a chance to take a nap and relieve some nausea and anxiety.

* A surprise phone call from my dear friend Ricci! That was the total highlight of my day! =) I miss you, Ricci! You are an incredible woman! Again I say: I'm so thankful!

* Beautiful lunch date with Steve at Olive Garden - our first date restaurant.

* Getting to visit the Manns and say hi to Brother Mann whom we haven't seen in so long. In an earlier post about the church remodel, I posted some pictures of the murals he painted in the classrooms.

* Had a blast shopping with my mom-in-law, Cathy! She's so fun!

Right now, I'm almost falling asleep on the keyboard, but I have to (get to) drive to south Salem to pick up Steve from Jon & Kari's. Steve and Jon made a trip to Portland this evening to pick up a motorcycle for Jon. Kari and I are hoping they make it back in one piece! :) I'm not excited about going out since it's cold, dark, and raining. Warm clothes, comforting music, and a great friend at the end of the drive will make this much easier!

Good night!

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