Monday, March 8, 2010

Church Remodel

I spent about 8 hours working at the church last week. It felt wonderful! I was so excited to show Steve how great it was starting to look on Sunday! Robert (Steve's dad & the pastor) has invested an incredible amount of love and hard work into this church, both the building and the people. We thank God for his servant's heart. He and a few other guys have laid a good portion of the tile, and it should be completely tiled by next Saturday. Amazing! I tried to avoid taking pictures of all the clutter and junk. ;)

I painted some shelves for the nursery and the nursery room door. I haven't painted anything since high school, so it was definitely a refresher course for me.

Though many of the walls had to be torn out due to water damage, I was so relieved to see that Brother Mann's paintings weren't ruined. He painted these gorgeous scenes on the nursery and classroom walls. A few years ago he had a stroke, and is unable to paint and do a lot of other things for himself now. So, the paintings hold a lot of sentimental value and are a heritage to the children of our church. I hope our kids can meet Brother Mann and that the paintings are still there for them to enjoy when they are old enough.

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